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The Waiting Game

by Debbie Twoney on October 2, 2015

The Waiting Game

By Guest blogger Debbie Twomey


I read the message from Dr Leanne explaining why her blog would not be ready for tomorrow’s posting and it made me realize so many new moms are at this very moment, playing the waiting game.

You see, Dr. Leanne is at her son’s awaiting the arrival of her newest granddaughter. And as I just discussed {this afternoon as a matter of fact}, with my neighbor Rebekah—due dates are not written in stone. And pregnancy is not an exact science.

Due dates are gauges by which doctors determine the approximate time a baby will arrive. Sometimes they are very accurate and other times, it can be way off. Rebekah herself had a due date of September 29th. But her son Thomas is not quite ready to greet the world and she is fine with that. She understands he will come at his own time and barring any complications, he will be fine.

Some mothers have to deliver early due to complications  and others may go as long as 2 weeks past the projected time. My daughter was 10 days past the due date and had to be induced. My precious McKenna was ready but my daughter was not so much physically or emotionally, so they induced for the sake of my little Mouse. Even with being induced my daughter stopped midway during delivery and refused to push anymore. So there was McKenna’s head, halfway out and nothing any of us could do. I had to take matters into my own hands and push the doctor and nurses away. I had to take control and ignore the glares and protests from the “professional” staff because I knew my daughter’s Borderline Personality Disorder was at its height.

One of her triggers is over-stimulation. If she gets that way, she completely shuts down and no one can persuade her to do anything. I had to turn off the lights over her head and make her focus on me and the sound of my voice. I reminded her of when she was 10 years old, at a swim meet. It was the first time she was doing 20 laps and I knew it would test her stamina to the max. I walked the length of those laps and made sure she could hear me and my encouragement. She was totally focused on the sound of my voice and though it took her longer than most swimmers ever took, she never gave up and she completed the laps.

Once she had no other distractions (and since this was my very first time in a delivery room even I was shocked at how much commotion and noise there was),  she gave 2 small pushes and there was that beautiful little miracle, McKenna Elise Rose. The doctor made sure I paid for my transgression of taking over and refused to let me cut the cord but that was fine by me, as long as it was over and the baby was healthy I did not care about his pettiness.

Mckenna 008

As Rebekah’s friend, I am of course anxious to meet Thomas but I am in awe of her tranquil spirit and patience because she understands this is her son’s journey not hers. She is anxious to hold and hug him but she can wait for his time. My friend Dr Mary Starr Carter waited 4 days from the onset of her first contractions till she got to hold her beautiful son Joshua Truman Carter and I know she would agree, the wait was worth his health.

Dr. Leanne and her family are waiting too. Here is some of what she shared with me: ” I have been here for a week and still no baby. Some of my daughter in laws colleagues have teased her that her baby is being stubborn but she decided she didn’t want to put that label on her baby. It isn’t the baby’s fault that the hormones aren’t there to start labor and it isn’t my daughter in law’s fault either it just is what it is. When the fruit is ripe it falls from the tree. Green apples are sour so you might as well be patient until they are ripe; they are then much sweeter fruit.”

It may be a waiting game but there is no other one that has such a precious and fulfilling dividend—ever. Our prayers for all those precious angels about to be welcomed into the world may they be as loved and blessed as we know Thomas and Dr. Leanne’s granddaughter will be.

As Dr. Leanne says: …the point is I am grateful in all things and it makes life so much easier to handle. My granddaughter will be here soon enough for all the love and kisses I can give her before I go and I have plenty of it built up in me with enough left over for her brothers.”

John 16:21

When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world.




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