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10426074_sWhen I was a child, my father used to eat a lot of onions and garlic. Every meal it seemed. And every time he did, he would say, "Smell a little stronger, live a little longer!"

I wonder to myself if he would say the same thing about Essential Oils! Some people really say "Whew" over some of their smells. Gary Young tells us that if we can't stand the smell of an essential oil then perhaps we need that oil! Or maybe we just need a liver cleanse. I can tell you that the first statement Gary Young says is true. I found that by using a particular oil that I can't stand the smell I learn to love it and the smell doesn't bother me so much!

All right, what does that have to do with onions? Nothing whatsoever.

I think that onions were the first "Herb" I used. One day, while reading the paper when I was a preteen, I read how if you were to cut up an onion and put it in your socks at night that it will help you get over your cold. I had had a cold for a while and was very tired of it so I asked my mother what she thought of that article. I came from a Western Medicine, doctors are gods background. She, of course, poo-pooed it and told me that nutritionist don't know what they are talking about. Well, I am an independent, different drummer sort of person so I got out an onion, chopped it and put it in some socks and put them on my feet, and went to bed. That was a long time ago. All I know is that I tasted onions in my mouth about 15 minutes later. And the next morning when I got up, my cold was over. It worked. I was very happy and I learned that maybe, just maybe, the nutritionist did know what they were talking about. So I started reading that column and trying out other things. Next, I was into eating Alfalfa Sprouts on my whole wheat sandwiches I bought from the health food store.

As I grew older, I asked myself why did those onions work on my feet. I learned that the feet have big pores that the oils and nutrients of the onion could soak into and enter the body.  But I also wanted to know what was it about the onion that made it work? Oh, long before I knew about molecules and constiutuents and such big words, I learned words like Anti-Histamine and Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Biotic. I learned that onions just might have that actions. Could my father be right?  Would eating onions really help me live longer? So I tried some more experiments. I learned that grating an onion and collecting the juice and mixing it with honey, made a great cough syrup. I actually liked the taste. I learned that if chopped up onions, fried them and ate them, my runny nose would stop. Now I will breathe the steam in heartedly while I cook them to get the fumes up in my nose to stop it sooner! I made sinus soup with onions, cabbage, garlic and parsley to use if I had bronchial congestion or a sinus infection. Wow! It was great! It worked very fast!!

So what makes it work? Is it the sulfer? (I tell people that it is the sulfur compounds in the onions that I eat that make my hair so curly!) Is it the flavonoid quercetin that has that is such a healer? As far as I know I don't care what does it as long as it works. And in my experience, it works. It does what I want it to do. Jennifer Finelli in her post Layers of Healing: Realizing the Power of the Ordinary Onion tells the following story. "They’re a staple in stews, a flavor in fried foods, and that ‘sting’ in salads. The sharp, savory taste and juicy crunch give them versatility in the kitchen cooked and uncooked — but they really deserve a place in your permaculture medicine cabinet.

That’s right–the ordinary onion.

I’d never have believed it either, but one day, in the agony of an ear infection, I read that an onion sliver could help quell the infection and calm the pain. My ear ached so badly I would have tried almost anything short of shooting the Queen of England, so I heated a tiny onion ring and slipped it into my ear for a while. We had some extremely potent, weep-your-eyes-out young yellow onions; I could actually feel the fumes moving around in my ear. Ear pain like that usually continues for days for me, but repeated applications of onion cleared everything up within about half a day. It helped that my infection had just started, but still, the results aroused curiosity. Does the onion really have antibiotic effects, or did the potent fumes just clear up a painful pressure inside my ear? More importantly, can you lasso the power of this plant to heal you, too?" (Please note that the author talks about putting a little piece of the onion in her ear. It is not a wise idea to put small things in ears. My Amish clients would put a huge ring of the onion and tape it on the ear and then cover it with handkerchief to let it do its thing!)

On a site by The School of Natural Healing, they say that "Onions contain 25 active compounds that appear to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells alliin being the 21316012_smain constituent.  Onion has been found to help combat heart disease, inhibit strokes, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and stimulate the immune system.  The potassium salts and the flavonoids that are present perform an anti-inflammatory action.  The essential oil is an expectorant, antiseptic, antifungal, anticoagulant, high-blood pressure, antithelmitic, balsamic, rubefciant, and has analgesic properties." This is a great site. You really ought to read it!





My friend was telling me the other day that if I were to cut an onion in half and then put it in the room or use several onions and put them around the house that they would detoxify the house and keep you from getting viruses and flus. She said I needed to keep the onions there until they turn black. But not to eat them afterwards because they might be toxic now. Interesting thought. Personally, I would rather use an oil diffuser and diffuse Thieves Oil or Purification Oil both from Young Living to get rid of Virus and Bacterias in my house. Honestly! They smell a lot better!!!



Information shared here is not intended as medical advice, and cannot substitute for professional medical advice and information. Information provided is general in nature and may be helpful to some people but not others, depending on their personal medical needs. Always consult with your personal physician before following advice designed for general audiences only. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay getting care because of something you have read here.




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