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I apologize to all my seatmates and passengers nearby. But when you are in your seat belt because the sign is on and you suddenly realize that your stomach is about to upchuck the only thing left to do is use your vomit bag. I am grateful it wasn’t violent. I am also grateful for something as mild as peppermint oil that settles tummy troubles and smells a whole lot better.

vomit bag

Coming home from convention I had food poisoning from the night before. I am blaming it on the ice we put on top of our store bought salads to keep them cool through the day. My poor roommates had to put up with me several times during the evening as I continually lost the contents of my stomach. It took me several days after I got home to have my stomach feel a lot better. I am grateful for my friend who made a mixture of Fennel Tincture and added peppermint oil to it. This mixture helped me get back to normal with my digestion. I think I need something to boost my immune system now and give me more energy. I love a combo of NingXia Nitro and Ningxia Red to do that. That combination helps me increase cognitive function and physical energy.

By putting a drop of Peppermint oil in the combination above it promotes and enhances healthy intestinal function along with overall healthy G.I. system comfort. It supports normal digestion. I am grateful to have these things available to get my G.I. system back to normal again.

When I was younger, my mother taught me to eat the BRAT diet after a bout of vomiting to help it begin to digest food again. So Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast has been my main staples for a few days. I am also doing Live 5 for the Acidophilus needed to balance the gut flora again. I am beginning to eat better as a result. I am glad that our bodies know how to heal themselves after an attack like that.

NOTE: If you are going to use essential oils orally (not all of them
are for oral use), it is extremely important that you use only
therapeutic oils that have been organically grown and steam-distilled.
This will insure that you don’t ingest chemical fertilizers, herbicides,
pesticides used in growing the plants or chemical solvents or other
toxins used in processing the oils.
Essential oil testimonials are an effective way of learning and
sharing. With this knowledge, we can take control of our own personal
health. However, we are required by law to state:

“These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and
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