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My friend, Betty and I were talking the other day about depression. I told her how sad I was that Robin Williams took his life a few days ago. It has been really too sad for me to talk about.  I really enjoyed his acting and his comedy. As I read about him today, I learned that he had a Bi-Polar diagnosis. He had,at one time, self-medicated himself with drugs and alcohol. Though he had not had a recent relapse I wonder if he was also on some of the drugs that medical doctors put people on that are called Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors. These drugs have a history of causing people to commit suicide or worse yet murder, according to Dr. Ann Blake Tracy. It was also only later that it was disclosed that he had recently received a diagnosis of Parkinson's too. One or all of these could have contributed to his depression and made it impossible for him to to see past that darkness.



As I study depression and Bi-Polar, I have learned that it is more then a brain issue. It could be a gut issue as seratonin is made in the small intestine! I get that depression is a horrible thing. I have suffered from depression as long as I can remember. I wanted to commit suicide when I was 18. But I heard a voice. I didn't know where that voice came from except from heaven. It just simply said, in a very quiet but powerful way, "LeAnne, I love you." That changed my life. 
But it still didn't take away the depression. As it turns out, I have DNA damage. Whether it came from trauma in my childhood, much like Sandi  Krakowski talks about in her blog, http://www.arealchange.com/blog/remembering-robin-williams-battle-depression or an ancestor dealing with Quick Silver in his Business burning his DNA and causing his descendants to have missing genes it doesn't matter, my DNA damage, MTHFR, can cause severe depression and it needs either medical help or certain vitamins and minerals to help the body produce the necessary enzymes to carry out certain chemical reactions that keep depression at bay. This is a hidden cause of depression. But when you take the right vitamins, like Thorn's Methyl Guard Plus, the depression just disappears. 
There are so many aspects to depression. The medical way is to put you on a serotonin uptake inhibitor. I found that SIBO can be a cause of not being able to make Serotonin in the gut. Cleansing the body and especially the small intestine can assist with making more Serotonin so you body can have happiness or joy. Lemon oil may help the body to create Serotonin. I call Lemon oil, "sunshine in a bottle." Talking about sunshine- low vitamin D may also be a factor behind depression.
I have assisted many people with emotional release techniques to allow them to release the trauma in their lives that could be a contributing factor of depression. Using the new Freedom Sleep™ and Release™ Collections Bundle from Young Living oils also is amazing at letting go of stress from traumatic events of all kinds. My muscles for example are no longer holding such  tension because I am using the PTSD oils. It is amazing. I am sleeping well. Central Sleep Apnea, a form of brain damage causing the body to forget to breathe while asleep is also gone. I can handle chiropractic adjustments better as my body can actually relax. The pain in my body while doing yoga is disappearing.
I make sure that I feed my nerves and adrenals the nutrition that they need to work better. Did you know that neurotransmitters for example are mostly Calcium, Potassium and B-Vitamins?
I suppose my sadness over Robin Williams death is more than just missing him and his amazing acting and comedy. It is more that I wish I could teach the entire world that there is a different way than drugs or alcohol or self medication to overcome depression. 
Back when I was a youth, there was a song that went, "I want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony." That is how I feel. I want to teach the world that there is a different way.





Information shared here is not intended as medical advice, and cannot substitute for professional medical advice and information. Information provided is general in nature and may be helpful to some people but not others, depending on their personal medical needs. Always consult with your personal physician before following advice designed for general audiences only. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay getting care because of something you have read here.



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