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Yesterday I was assisting my friend with some things on the computer. She opened her email and I saw a subject, actually only a few words. Ted Bundy. I froze. She saw my face and asked me if I had read that email that a mutual friend had sent her. Suddenly I started to scream, yelling, “ NO!!! I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!” Then I started to sob. She started telling me about the letter and I started to scream at her again to be quiet. I didn’t want to know.” I grabbed some Trauma Life essential oil blend from Young Living and breathed it in.
When I settled down, I calmly said, “Well, looks like I haven’t gotten over that yet! Ted Bundy raped and murdered my friend across the street from me when I was 18. I need to take care of that emotion because it was truly a bundle of hate.

I started writing this blog about a month ago. It took me a while to be able to settle down and be calm again. The entire subject brought up trauma from my youth. About that time, I received in the mail some essential oils that I had purchased called the Freedom Kit. I am not going to tell you what they are supposed to do. But I will tell you my experience with them. Your experience will be different then mine as I am sure you did not have the same trauma that I did as a youth. But due to my expereince, I will tell you that it would be wise whenever you use essential oils to release emotion that you have a coach that is familiar with emotional release so you won't freak out when the memories start coming again.

First you need to realize that the memories and emotions you feel are old memories coming up to be released from where they were trapped in your body. Trapped emotions can cause physical disease. That is why sometimes when you take drugs, or nutrients to assist you with what is ailing you, they sometimes don't seem to work. It is because you need to address the emotional or mental issues that are causing the problem first. So when these emotions come to the surface again, there are several ways to let them just flow on. First, don't get attached to them again. Just breathe and say to yourself, this is over. I lived through that. It is done. If you judge it, which means giving it a name as bad, sick or wrong, or if you start feeling hatred toward the person that caused the problem, again breathe. I use Surrender Essence Oil blend or Release blend to assist the trapped emotion go up and out! Second,  I have learned look for the blessings and gifts I received from the situation then start to thank the perperator for the things I learned. I thank Collin Tippen at http://www.radicalforgiveness.com/ for teaching me how to do that.

I noticed that some of these feelings would come up in my dreams, or be there when I awoke in the morning. I could feel sadness, terror, horror, anger, resentment etc. Using the Feelings Kit or putting the Freedom Oils on again helped them to pass.

I think that the most amazing things is the amount of sleep I am getting now. I am sleeping soundly for 12 -15 hours a day right now. I believe it has to do with 50 years of sleep deprivation. My body is resting and healing. The most wonderful thing is the peace that is in my heart. The anger that raged through my body before is gone. I am praying that that means when I am faced with a new situation, my first emotion won't be anger but love. I will be able to have compassion for someone else and not judge their situation or allow anger to consume me.

I think this is all over. It has been nearly two months since the old emotions started to pour out. So what could I thank Ted Bundy for? For assisting me to heal from horrible trauma of my childhood.

If it hadn't been my trauma as a child, I would not be the intuitive healer that I am today. I won't have had to find a way for me to heal my body, mind, and soul.

Thank you again God for giving me the expereinces I needed to be able to love and serve others.


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