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One of the basic rules of natural healing that took me years to learn is that the body needs rest. Having a type A personality which is totally adrenal driven, I worked my tail off. If it wasn’t house work, then it was yard work. It would also be writing book, blogs, classes, podcasts etc. I worked sometimes 12 or more hours per day. That even happened when I was sick in bed with Lupus. I just kept at it. I got my self an iPad when I broke my neck a few years ago and held it in the air while laying flat on my back and I typed scripts for Essential Oil classes. I typed while my shoulders ached. I was never good at resting. Having the chronic fatigue of Lupus frustrated me. I wanted to be working not laying down exhausted.
Over the years I finally learned that if I rested I might just have more energy the next day. Even if just a little.
Organs need rest to heal. If you are using your energy to work then you can’t use your energy to heal. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, handle stress, maintain a healthy immune system and moderate our emotions. Without adequate rest or sleep your body will be sick!

I am writing this because my friend told me that after her daughter has her baby in a few weeks they are going to move. I wanted to scream to the world “Oh please don’t!” I have had 12 children and at least I learned my lesson there. My first OB-GYN told me to stay in bed 10 days. She was huge in releasing her patients within 24 hours from the hospital. She knew that we would get more rest in our own beds. But rest we must she said. Lack of rest postpartum could cause uterine and breast infections. I am here to tell it that is true.

This past winter, I have had a nasty Lupus Flare. This flare didn’t allow me to work. I slept nearly 5 months. If I got up my body drove me back to bed. But rest I did. If I was up more then a 15 minutes I would shake and get sick to my stomach etc. I am now doing better and can be up 4 hours without falling apart. But the important thing is that I have learned to rest before I fall apart.

So what is rest? Laying down, on couch or bed.

Happy relaxed woman resting on a couch at home with arms in the head

Putting feet up. Reading a book, watching a comedy, listening to quiet music. Just being quiet.

Let me know below ways you rest.

Lavender fields of St-Eustache, Qc. A nice place to rest.


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