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I have had a rough winter. It started with a fall near the end of winter that inflamed my joints and bones. That led to contracting the flu since the bone inflammation lowered my immune system. (You do know that it is in the bone marrow that the White Blood Cells are made, right?) From there my Lupus had a heyday. That meant building my immune system and being careful not to make the Lupus worse. I had the flu three times during January through the end of February.

Next I had a transverse sprain/strain of my back. This made standing, sitting or walking very difficult. Fortunately for me, my chiropractor is wonderful and helped me get out of that mess. But then along came Daylight Savings Time right before the Spring Equinox. What a mess that was! With the Equinox a Lupus client needs to be careful of the change in the sun’s rays so as to not have a histamine reaction to the sun which can trigger all kinds of disagreeable issues. So what happened next?

I know I sound like a whiner and complainer but truly I was quite ill. I couldn’t wake up. I slept all day for weeks. Are you having trouble aligning with the change in time too? I have talked to many people who just can’t seem to get over this time change. This is actually what could be causing a health issue for you as well.

Finally, I began to come around and I noticed that I was actually falling asleep every two hours. That is when I realized that my organs didn’t seem to be functioning well and the every two hours that I was falling asleep were an hour off from the beginning and ending times of when the organs should be getting their major energy. I decided it was time to get out my book Ultimate Balance Ultimate balanceand treat each organ on its time of day that it was supposed to get energy.

Not only did I use the specified oils for each organ along with the Chinese Meridians, Chakras and Vitaflex points, I also used the Aromadome tent with those oils or a combination of them during that specified time. I only did the organs where I was supposed to be awake during that time. For example, I only did the 7 am through 9 pm times. I did this for three days time and then suddenly I stopped falling asleep in the day and started sleeping at night. My digestion and energy improved, my strength was restored and my health was finally returning . Whew and Amen! Am I glad to be coming back to a healthier quality of life!!!



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