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Women's Hormones: Estrogen, Breast Cancer and Breast Care

Estrogen is important but many of us are having too much of it. Estrogen is essential for the female reproductive system, making childbearing possible, maintaining blood vessels, skin health and other non-reproductive functions like regulating mood, lowering cholesterol and keeping the heart and bones strong.

Too much or too little of estrogen is not good.  An elevated level will cause weight gain, insomnia, migraine, low libido, depression, tiredness, lumpy breasts or breast cancer. Too much estrogen in the body coming from the xenoestrogens usually causes breast cancer.

Why are there so many xenoestrogens in our body?


Our environment and the food we eat have led to the exposure of xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are found in plastics, insecticides, hormones in our beef and chicken, weed killers, insecticides, food additives, body care products, sunscreens, cosmetics and many more food items and household products. Xeno means alien, strange, different or foreign. Xenoestrogen would mean it is foreign to the body.

A xenoestrogen can attach itself to the estrogen receptor sites on the cells in our body, resulting in tumor formation. When this happens, it prevents progesterone from attaching properly to the cells. This makes the body lack progesterone. The breast is full of Estrogen/Progesterone receptor sites. If those two hormones are out of balance then tumors can begin to form causing cancer. 

We need to balance estrogen and progesterone to prevent breast cancer from happening.

Overweight people may have increased estrogen and higher risk of developing cancer especially after menopause when the ovaries no longer produce progesterone.


Some reports state that progesterone causes cancer. Which progesterone causes cancer?


GMO progesterone causes cancer but not human identical progesterone. Out here in rural country, I know farmers who take their pregnant horses and they are stalled up the whole time they are pregnant.  The farmers are catching the urine from these horses, because it is so full of horse progesterone. Then pharmaceutical companies make progesterone supplements from this horse urine. 

Some of the progesterone products that cause cancer are from horses like pregnant mares. Are you a horse? Why are we having horse progesterone given to us? It would seem our body would take that product and turn it around to cause cancer. After all, it is a foreign product in our body.

Young Living’s Progessence™ Plus serum is made from wild yams. It is a phytoestrogen or plant estrogen, which is easier for our bodies to work with. It is more bio-available to our bodies. It does not cause cancer.

Breast care

What can we do to take care of our breasts so that we do not get breast cancer?

One: Progessence™ Plus serum

I have a client who takes coconut oil, whips it and puts her Progessence™ Plus serum in it then rubs that on her breasts daily.

I do know that when you are taking enough Progessence Plus, your breasts will start to change. Instead of being hard and firm, they start to get lighter, bigger, fluffy and softer. That shows that you are getting the estrogen dominance away from the breasts.

Progessence™ Plus serum can reestablish balance and reduce xenoestrogens and extra estrogens from the body.

Two: Citrus oils

Citrus Oils such as Citrus Fresh™ that are high in d-limonene like orange, grapefruit and tangerine work well to prevent cancer. They have anti-tumoral properties. A study by Charing Cross Hospital in London in 1996 showed that using 1 to 15 grams of d-limonene resulted in 15% remission rate in patients with advanced breast cancer and colon cancer.

Three: Frankincense

Rub Sacred Frankincensce essential oil on your breasts a few times a week.

Research published in PubMed.gov shows that Sacred Frankincense from Young Living kills human breast cancer cells.

Four: Food

The food we eat can transform our body. Food rich in grains, fruits and vegetables are beneficial for the body. These foods contain phytoestrogens that can help reduce the cause of cancer.  Reduce sugar and white carb food and processed food.

Five: Food Preparation

Do not microwave food or eat food out of plastic containers because xenoestrogens are found in plastic containers or plastic bottles. Xenoestrogens are also found in canned food.

Six: Water

Drink clean water, especially filtered water.

SevenNingXia Red®

NingXia Red® is an antioxidant drink that is high in Super Oxide Dismutase and Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharide (LBP), which, according to studies in China, LBP helps cancer patients rebuild their white blood cell count.  Both of these naturally occurring substances reduce the free radicals in the body. This lessens the change of cancer in the body.

Eight: Cleanse your body at least once a year, especially colon cleansing. Doing a Master cleanse once a year will also assist the body in ridding it of unwanted toxins.

Ultimate Balance”, “Taming the Dragon Within” and “Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils” show you how to use to use the supplements and enhance them with essential oils to bring the body to optimal health and decrease your chances of having breast cancer.

Get these books by clicking their links or pictures on the right side bar. Also to learn more about essential oils and how to purchase them click here.


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