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Got Pain?

by DrLeAnne Deardeuff on July 28, 2014

I have started back into a pain syndrome again after having two near terrorizing accidents on the way to and from the Young Living Convention. Both could have been deadly. I am grateful for angels who protected us from harm. I am now using the new Freedom Sleep™ and Release™ Collections Bundle to remove the tension out of the muscles. This kit works wonderfully on PTSD. I will talk about it in a different blog in the weeks to come. I only have half the collection right now so I have added the oils to coconut oil and am rubbing it on my body. It is working fantastically. My muscles are relaxing. 

KnittingA few years ago, I wanted to learn to knit. I watched a lot of videos and taught myself. The problem was there are a lot of little nuances about knitting that the teachers weren't telling me. Like for example how to hold the project and the needles to avoid neck pain and knitter's elbow. Oh my. That was not fun. I have been afraid to pick up knitting since. Knitter's elbow is very much like Tennis elbow. It got to a point that I couldn't use my arms at all for lifting or for anything without pain. Then to top it off, all my lupus pain and syndromes began to flare out. UGH! Misery! That is how I feel right now. All my pain syndromes I have ever had are rearing their ugly head. And my body is screaming.

The other day, I watched a Ted Talk video that reminded me of what I did for the knitters elbow to get rid of it. In this talk Jane McGonigal talks about the 5 things to do each day to get out of pain. When I had knitters elbow, I "googled" knitter's elbow and found a PDF about Pain Syndrome.

In this PDF the author mentioned to change positions every five minutes never let the pain begin. As you get used to changing positions when you have pain the amount of time that you need to change positions expands from 5 minutes to an hour by adding a minute to each time you change. If your pain starts at anytime then change positions immediately. I went from being in bed to walking around the house for 5 minutes, to standing for 5 minutes at the kitchen sink to sitting for 5 minutes eating breakfast to walking out to the garden, to kneeling and weeding for 5 minutes to walking back to the house to lying down for five minutes. Then I began again. I will admit that changing positions every 5 minutes was rather annoying but it worked. Here I am a few years later and that is still how I run my life and my at home business. Changing tasks and doing a little at a time every 15-30 minutes. 
I took a Pain Management Course from a Chiropractor on line about that same time. The most important thing I learned was that Pain can be addictive! It could be memory loop in the brain that needs to be broken. Addictions are the same thing. They are memory loops fed by a chemical that is causing the addiction or in this case pain to just loop over and over in the brain. One of the ways to break loops like this is movement or water therapy. Pain and temperature run on the same nervous system pathway. So by using ice or heat on the area of pain then the loop stops. Remember that if you have inflammation or bleeding in the area of pain, use ice.
Compulsion disorders are the same problem as the above. They are an addiction or memory loop in the brain. I realized that when I would go and weed, then I would have this compulsion to do the entire garden until it was finished. I found myself weeding and weeding for hours. Then staying in bed in pain for days!
I remembered that Gary Young once said that if you want to break addictions then use Harmony™ Essential Oil Blend. Every time that you feel like smoking, or doing something else that is addictive then smell Harmony™ Oil and it will help break the urge. I decided to do this with pain. Every time I felt pain in my joints, or muscles or head, I started smelling Harmony™ oil. Then I would get up and change positions or tasks. This worked even better than just changing the task. It was wonderful and soon I spent a full 18 months without pain. My lupus went into remission until the current episode with the accidents.

Addiction is another word for obsession. That is the emotion that goes with a low spleen meridian.  Build the spleen by doing the Ultimate Balance energy work using Young Living's Surrender™ oil blend on the spleen points at 9am. This is the time of day the spleen meridian gets its major energy.  Jane McGonigal tells us to make this a game and to play this game every day when you have pain.  Gain your life back. 


Information shared here is not intended as medical advice, and cannot substitute for professional medical advice and information. Information provided is general in nature and may be helpful to some people but not others, depending on their personal medical needs. Always consult with your personal physician before  following advice designed for general audiences only. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay getting care because of something you have read here.



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