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Taming the Dragon Within


Ladies, get proven and natural ways to feeling happier and healthier


“Time to Tame the Dragon Within, Learn How to Balance Your Hormones and Feel Good Again”

The best just got better. Stop exhaustion, low sex drive, tiredness, settling for bigger size jeans, sleepless nights or being worn out all day.  Those days of uncertainty and not knowing why you are feeling bad are over. You can have more energy and achieve a perfect balance of refreshing, renewing and reenergizing lifestyle quickly. Feel happier and healthier than ever before and shut down the anxiety machine that has been sending negative signals your way for years.

If you are ready to embark on the journey to your best healthy life, let me show you how….

My name is Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff. In my years of working with many women of all walks of life and age groups, I’ve discovered many are suffering from Chronic Fatigue syndromes, allergies, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, infertility, anxiety and depression, musculo-skeletal problems and a myriad of other ailments.

Many have gone through years of pain and frustrations and not to mention thousands of dollars spent to get better only to feel the same or grow worse.  Some have been misdiagnosed or overlooked.

Are you feeling lost and unable to find solutions to some of your health challenges? Could it be hormonal imbalance?

Let me help you remove the mystery surrounding hormonal imbalance, take control and heal your imbalances and many of the discomfort with simple easy solutions the natural way.

In this 55 page eBook “Taming the Dragon Within: How to Balance Women’s Hormones”, I will come alongside and show you:

• How to identify the different negative emotions in association with a particular organ in our body
• A tour of the different glands in our body and how they affect our sleep pattern
• How to discover pituitary damages and symptoms that follow
• Ways to eliminate headaches, fatigue, migraines
• How to easily detect common hormonal imbalance symptoms
• Why the water and toothpaste you use may have triggered the problems
• Some examples of stressors
• Details about ‘the female areas of the body’
• Reasons of post partum blues
• Foods to avoid
• Benefits of specific natural products for better women’s health
• Ways to beat infertility
• How to use essential oils for hormonal problems
• Simple solutions to control and chart the female cycle and feel better about yourself
• Easy methods to help with low sex drive
• And many more

Are you a prisoner of your own body?

No one should have to live an unbalanced life because of untreated hormone problems when it is almost easily treatable. Don’t just live with mood swings, frequent headaches, and insomnia, feeling exhausted and sad for no reason. Or suffer from the side effects of multiple medications.

It’s time to sharpen your sword and slay the dragon within and begin a life with a body you are meant to live in. A body with healthy glow, increased endurance, go against the grain of menopause and PMS problems, blissful sleep, no more low libido and increased overall energy and health.

Women who have this information learn: 

• Hormone imbalance can lead to being overweight
• Connections between everyday health, metabolism and hormones
• Corrections and causes of menopause problems and PMS
• Why they feel tired, depressed, exhausted, forgetful or moody
• There’s no one size fits all approach to treatment
• What’s going on in their body
• Natural remedies for specific health needs that produce results they want
• Water retention, forgetfulness, ‘morning fog’ feeling, poor energy are all treatable
• Awareness on rebalancing hormones naturally

Relieve the unpleasant effects of hormone imbalance, for good health is within your reach. Your answers to hormone imbalances are in this eBook. Get yours today.


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